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Posted Oct. 23, 2020

Ways to fund your LLM in Canada

Funding your LLM in CanadaTuition fees at law schools in Canada vary considerably, and these costs – combined with your lifestyle – can significantly affect the amount of funds you will need for your LLM year in Canada.

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There are loans available for many LLM students from private financial institutions, plus some student visas allow students to undertake a few hours of paid work to fund your LLM studies. Many LLM students can have a significant element of their funding supplied through scholarships and grants, and this can make LLM study in Canada relatively affordable.

Funding from law schools

Many law schools in Canada offer their students a range of funding options. There are many scholarships available for local provincial residents, Canadian residents and international students. Some scholarships and bursaries are assessed on application to the LLM course and others require the student to apply for them. Many scholarships are based on academic excellence and all law schools will advertise these scholarships on their website along with the LLM course information, as the University of Ottawa does. In many law schools in Canada, LLM students will have some or all of their tuition fees and funding covered by scholarships, bursaries and grants from the law school itself.

Government funding

Most provincial governments in Canada – such as Ontario – offer to fund some or all elements of an LLM education and these are usually in the form of grants available for provincial residents only. The Canadian Federal Government offers funding, again on a grant basis, for LLM studies for all types of students including international students. These include the Canada Graduate Scholarship, which is available to all masters level students studying in Canada including LLM students, and the International scholarships for non-Canadians from certain countries – such as Uzbekistan – who are studying in Canada at LLM level.

Paid work

For Canadian residents choosing to work while studying is an excellent funding option. Full-time study leaves little time for paid work, but for Canadian residents studying part-time and working is a popular way to improve their legal skills. Many law schools offer working opportunities on campus for students to earn extra money, some of which will be assisting in the law school and this is a great option for international students on a student visa to earn extra money. The places for assisting at the law school are fiercely competitive and are initially open to those LLM students with full scholarships and then to the other students. For international students studying their LLM in Canada on a student visa there are regulations if you want to work off-campus, and these restrictions mean that the student can work no more than 20 hours per week. Some law schools also require students to gain permission before taking up work off campus regardless of their residency status.

Bursaries & Scholarships

All international and home LLM students studying their Masters of Law program at a law school in Canada are eligible to apply for a Global LLM Study Bursary worth £500 towards their tuition fees – apply here. There are also various other scholarships available for LLM students in Canada – some of them are detailed here:

Canada LLM Funding
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