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Posted Nov. 4, 2020

What is an LLM in American Law?

LLM in American LawAn LLM in American Law is a useful qualification for many law students and lawyers and can lead to a life and legal career in the US.

LLM in American Law

But what exactly is an LLM in American Law? To put it simply it is an LLM program aimed at foreign-trained lawyers and those who wish to understand the laws and legal institutions of the US.

What modules are included?

The LLM programs that are aimed at foreign-trained have modules on topics such as Civil Procedure, Administrative Law, Corporations, Torts, Contracts and Legal Writing. LLM programs that are included with the JD level students or pursuing the academic study of the law cover modules on topics such as Constitutional Law, Civil Rights and Human Rights but also study similar subjects on Torts and Contracts.

Where can you study American Law?

Many law schools in the US offer LLM programs in American Law and the US is the best place to study American Law. If you wish to pass the Bar Exam to work in the US, then you will need to study a program that allows you to do this. New York and California are two of the few states that allow foreign-trained lawyers with an LLM in American Law to undertake the Bar Exam. This means that law schools in New York and California, such as New York University and UC Hastings Law School, are very popular with international students. Other law schools that offer LLM programs in American Law include Florida State University, Boston University School of Law, New England Law School and the University of Texas at Austin.

Why should you study American Law?

There are many great reasons to study an LLM in American Law. For those who wish to relocate and practise the law in the US, an LLM in American Law is the right choice. It also gives those lawyers who wish to gain an understanding of US law to further their careers, but who do not wish to practice in the US, a great chance to meet and network with US lawyers and law students. International students gain a great understanding of the legal systems of the US and on LLM programs where the American Law students sit in classes with US JD students, then you get a brilliant chance to engage with US culture too. There are US students who may study American Law at LLM level and they usually wish to pursue an academic or teaching career in American Law rather than practising as lawyers.

How much are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees in the US can seem high, however, there are plenty of scholarships and bursaries available for all students to apply for at most law schools. Here are some examples of the tuition fees you can expect to pay if studying an LLM in American Law at a US university.
US law school tuition fees

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