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Posted May 10, 2021

Why study an LLM in Commercial Law?

LLM in Commercial LawChoosing an LLM in Commercial Law will focus your Master of Laws in areas related to commerce and business.

LLM in Commercial Law

Commercial law is extensive and indispensable to both lawyers and business owners, and whether you are interested in private or public business, all businesses are governed by local and international laws and will usually include some aspects of commercial activity. Commercial law incorporates a huge scope of fascinating fields, such as international business law, corporate law, security law and financial law. LLMs in Commercial Law can be studied at a variety of highly regarded institutions across the world as this table illustrates.

LLM in Commercial Law

Here are just a few reasons why you should study an LLM in Commercial Law.

1. Business & law go hand in hand

Businesses and law are very much intertwined and if you have already studied a business course, an LLM in Commercial Law could be a great option. It will give you a better understanding of business laws, as well as the hidden legalities that are viable in a business environment, so if you are a business aspirant it’s well worth considering.

2. Legal professionals are essential

The importance of legal professionals in the business world is evident. Most business operations will require the signing of papers, formulating contracts, tax issues, and other law-related activities. These procedures can be complicated and tricky when one doesn’t have a legal background or a legal professional in the team. Studying an LLM in Commercial Law can help you know how contracts work and the kind of coverage that is necessary to provide as an employer.

3. Networking potential

By studying an LLM in this field you will gain a proficiency in business and commercial law, but that is not all. While studying the LLM you are likely to meet with other business professionals and lawyers, leading to some excellent networking opportunities.

4. Legal compliance is crucial

In your working life you may find there are particular legal conditions that you must fulfill. For example, you may need to acquire a business license to operate your business and to comply with your taxes. Other aspects that the LLM studies may assist you with include capital markets, intellectual property, trademarks, and other labour legalities. Having legal knowledge could really assist with all of this, helping you comply with the required legal conditions and avoid trouble with the concerned authorities.

5. Knowledge is power

Put simply, who wouldn’t want some more knowledge? If you are looking for your dream job in a related field, you will have a much better and more competitive edge if you have an LLM in Commercial Law. Your prospective employers will not only hold you in higher regard because you have proven evidence of your commitment and success to studies, but they will also benefit from your expertise and legal counsel. Plus, if you establish your own business after your studies, you will be able to bring this knowledge and expertise to your business.

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