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Law Schools In Canada

Law Schools In CanadaGreat! You’ve decided to study your Master of Laws program at one of the best law schools in Canada.
However, you know that picking the right LLM course and the perfect law school is a tough decision, and the choice you eventually make will impact your career for years to come.

So, what exactly should you look for when considering the different law schools in Canada for your LLM program? 

Make a checklist of what’s important to you

It’s important to make sure you do extensive research into the different law schools in Canada and make sure you choose one that reflects your interests and priorities the best. Different aspects of the law school – such as the number of journals published or the amount of student organisations that you could join (see table below*) – may be of importance to you. So the first thing you should do is draw up a checklist of the things that really matter to you when considering the different law schools in Canada for your Master of Laws program.

Law Schools in Canada

Look at rankings and academic reputations

Law School rankings are a good place to start when considering law schools in Canada. Questions you need to ask yourself about Canadian law school rankings are issues like what data do they use? Some law school rankings use student questionnaires, others use information from the law school administration, and yet more use a combination of questionnaires and academic publications. Just because a law school in Canada is highly respected doesn't mean that it is the perfect law school for you. Check what the academic staff specialise in, where have the worked before and what do they advise on or what research have they published recently? This is easily done on the law school's website, for example the McGill University website has plenty of useful information about their Faculty of Law. You should also bear in mind that a higher ranked Canadian law school may demand higer tuition fees.

Get more information 

Most potential LLM students start by checking a law school's website for more information, but you can always have a prospectus sent to you as well. Campus visits are a great idea as there is no better way to find out what the atmosphere is like at a potential law school – however this could be a costly process if you are an international student. There are plenty of student forums on social media where you can ask current and past law school graduates about their experiences at the various law schools in Canada, and you should easily be able to read their reviews. 

Find out about the LLM courses 

In Canada, you will want to make sure that you are studying the correct type of law as the province of Quebec uses Civil Law, whereas the rest of Canada uses Common Law. Law schools in Canada often offer courses in both systems – but it’s good to double-check. It's a very good idea to find out if the LLM course that you want to study is well respected within its field, and this is best found out by speaking with people working in the field. If you yourself are already working in the right field either in paid employment or as an intern, then this research should be easy to undertake. Try and speak with lawyers who are where you want to be career-wise in five or ten years, and check that the LLM course you are considering seems like the right career move. And don't foregt you will also need to find out how much the LLM course in Canada is going to cost you.

Check out what else is going on at the law school 

Finding out what is happening at the law school outside of your LLM course is a great way to discover if the law school is the right one for you. What are the law schools links with local law firms? Are there any law clinics, like the ones at the University of Toronto, or other organisations that interest you? Finally, check out what social events happen every year and these are easily checked, as they are usually up on the law school's website, like the University of Calgary's Faculty of Law or on social media. Your fellow students will become your colleagues in the future, so you'll want to attend some of the social events and get started with your networking. 

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