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Studying an LLM (Master of Laws) Program in Georgia


Studying an LLM (Master of Laws) program in Georgia offers law graduates opportunity to learn US law at some of the country’s most respected law schools. Georgia is rich in history and tradition which is further enhanced by the state’s cultural diversity. Here students engage with their peers as they experience the unique charm of famous Georgia towns such as Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Augusta and others. Georgia is bordered by North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Five reasons why you should study your LLM in Georgia

1. E-society – pretty much everything is done online in Georgia, from e-government to e-health and many more. Georgia is considered one of the country’s leading technology hubs.

2. Telecommunication – the quality of telecommunication equipment available in the Georgia is second to none. Which means that if you are an international student or are studying in Georgia from out of state it will be easy to stay in touch with your friends and family.

3. Variety – Georgia is home to some famous cities such as Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Helen and others. Each city offers its own unique charms and attractions. It also has mountains and the ocean – what more could you want?

4. Beautiful – Georgia has many beautiful places to visit and interesting things to see – museums, theatres, Civil War history, not to mention the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed – Georgia law schools are not only considered to be one of the best law schools in the United States, but also in the world. Their alumni serve in the highest echelons of both public and private practice.

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Law schools in Georgia

There are a number of reputable law schools in Georgia. The most famous is probably the University of Georgia. UGA is located in the college town 60 miles from the city of Atlanta, a huge cultural and commercial centre. Other top schools are Emory University School of Law, John Marshall Law School, Georgia State University College of Law, and Mercer University School of Law. All these top law schools offer LLM programs. All LLM programs by these schools last one academic year which is nine months of study.

Here are some more details about some of the top law schools in Georgia*.

Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

Established in 1933, Atlanta's John Marshall Law School has been at the legal heart of Georgia ever since. Offering an LLM program with a speciality in two different areas of legal practice students either study Law for foreign-trained lawyers or Employment Law. The student body of Atlanta's John Marshall Law School comes from a diverse background as students come to study the Law and other aspects of legal practice from a variety of both traditional and other more alternative career routes. 

Emory University School of Law

This Law School is based in Atlanta and Emory University School of Law has a strong emphasis on public service. Atlanta was the birthplace of the American Civil Rights Movement and students on the LLM program can focus on a number of different areas including Human Rights Law, Law and Religion, and Vulnerability and the Human Condition which all take advantage of Atlanta's place in legal history. Students who study the LLM on-campus can participate in an exchange trip by studying for part of their LLM in Budapest. The LLM program is also offered online with a wide range of the subjects available to both sets of students. 

Georgia State University College of Law

Georgia State University is based in downtown Atlanta and aims to teach its students through research-based learning. Students take a practical approach to learning the Law and the various different legal processes involved with legal practice with issue-based law clinics. There are separate LLM programs for US-trained law graduates and for foreign-trained law graduates which concentrate on different areas of the Law in the US and legal institutions. US students can focus on areas such as Health Law and foreign-trained lawyers will find the LLM will qualify them to take the Georgia Bar Exam. 

University of Georgia Law School

This Law School has offered a legal education for foreign-trained lawyers since 1973 and the University of Georgia Law School is one of the top-rated public Law Schools in the US. There are often a number of international LLM students in every year. In conjunction with the Dean Rusk International Law Center, they specialise in helping foreign-trained lawyers prepare to sit US Bar Exams. LLM students study alongside the undergraduate JD students and can tailor their studies to fit with their future career plans. LLM concentrations include areas such as Family Law, Constitutional Law, and Environmental and Land Use Law


LLM programs available in Georgia law schools

LLM in GeorgiaThe kind of LLM programs offered in Georgia law schools differ from one school to another. UGA’S LLM program is famous for its unique approach and flexibility that it provides to students. Each LLM student crafts their own program of study by selecting from a wide range of courses on offer from the school. The LLM degree is awarded upon successful completion of 24 credit hours, which is the equivalent of approximately eight courses. Three of those 24 courses comprise nine credit hours for all LLM students. Emory Law School offers a 24-credit LLM program very similar to UGA’s, while Mercer Law is famous for its LLM degree in Federal Criminal Practice and Procedure. John Marshall Law School in Atlanta offers the popular LLM in Employment Law degree.

The LLM degrees offered in Georgia law schools are highly flexible and many are tailored to accommodate international students as well. For instance, for students who have English as their second language, an extra 50% extra time is allowed for all in-class timed examinations. Such students are also allowed to use an English translation dictionary during exams.

A law student’s perspective

Georgia law schools have a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, which explains their popularity with international students. Shawn Bartlett, an international student from South Africa studying for an LLM degree in UGA told us:

“When I first came to UGA, I was amazed at how friendly and down to earth everybody was. The school has none of the elitist atmosphere that is normally associated with top-ranked international universities and law schools.”

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition and fees for non-resident students for the LLM programs in Georgia law schools is quite affordable, and even more so for resident students. For instance, UGA charges $18,554 for an LLM degree for resident students, and $38,672 for non-resident students. Tuition and fees figures for the other law schools in Georgia law schools tend to be lower.

Many of the law schools in Georgia offer scholarship programs and these are awarded primarily on merit, but also take into consideration the financial plight of the student. Popular scholarships offered by Georgia law schools include Graduate Assistantship (GA) and Tuition Equalising Scholarships (TES). TES award reduces tuition fees from the high non-resident rate to the lower resident rate while GA covers tuition and provides a monthly stipend of $1,300 per month to help the student cover living expenses. GA recipients are expected to complete about 10 hours of work per week on campus. The work typically involves performing various research tasks for a faculty member.

Student living costs in Georgia

The cost of living in Georgia is lower than the average state in the United States. Georgia has a cost of living index of 0.92, indicating that the overall cost of living here is lower than the national average. The cost of housing is considerably lower than the national average, as evidenced by the state’s cost of housing index of just 0.75.

A student studying for an LLM degree in Georgia can expect to spend about $10,000-$15,000 on living expenses during the academic year. On top of this they will need to pay for books and other miscellaneous costs.

Enrolment requirements

To be eligible for enrolment at an LLM program in one of Georgia’s law schools, all applicants must possess a sound academic record. Applicants must:

Have the equivalent of a US Juris Doctor degree from a well-recognised law school, therefore if they are from overseas they and must have completed the educational requirements necessary for admission to the practice of law in other countries such as an LLB degree.

Complete and submit their application before the provided window period expires.

International students must fulfil all the necessary visa and immigration requirements including proof that they have enough funds to support their studies.

Studying in Atlanta, GeorgiaThings to do when you’re not studying

There is no shortage of great places to visit while you are living and studying in Georgia during your free time. Places of interest include Grant Park, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, numerous theatres, tasty eateries and plenty of fascinating Civil War attractions. One must-see is the Georgia Aquarium – the world’s largest aquarium – which is in Atlanta, as is the World of Coca Cola! The Atlanta City Pass is a great way to see many of the top attractions in the state capital for a very reasonable one-off fee.

With its positioning in the United States – Georgia is also a great base to explore other parts of America from. With Florida to the south and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northern part of the state – it’s ideal for those who enjoy outdoors activities and sunshine. It is also coastal, as the Atlantic Ocean is located to the east.

What other US states can you study in?

There are plenty of LLM opportunities for those interested in the living and studying in the United States and we have essential LLM study guides to over 20 US states, including:


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