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Nov. 11, 2019

Columbia Law School Executive LLM is ideal option for professionals

Columbia Law SchoolColumbia Law School has introduced an Executive LLM program that is ideal for professionals and can be completed in just six months with an online component of two months and four months on campus.

This recently introduced course is ideal for older students that can bring personal work experience, for example as a corporate lawyer or a litigator, to their LLM. With the online component demanding around 7-10 hours of study per week – which includes two online classes a week lasting 90-120 minutes each – this program is ideal for those who want to continue working whilst learning.

Recent graduate of the program, Neelu Mohan, explains her reasons for studying the course. “This program actually fell upon me by chance! I had applied for the traditional LLM at Columbia University. Given this was their maiden year, the administration reached out to me asking if I was interested in the Executive LLM, given that I fit the profile of students they were looking for- which included students with around five years or more of post-qualification experience from diverse backgrounds.”

Neelu is a litigating lawyer in India and felt that being away from Delhi for a whole year could be damaging for her career, although she was very keen to study an LLM – the duration of the Executive LLM was definitely a big attraction.

She says, “Although initially I was bothered by the fact that I couldn’t write the NY Bar, on a pros and cons analysis, and again, knowing that I wanted to return to India to litigate, I didn’t let this affect my decision.”

The course includes an intensive 12-week residency component. Neelu describes, “I won’t lie, the 12-week residency program was very intensive, with classes five days a week for around seven hours a day, covering two subjects.” She continues, “We were also required to submit assignments on a regular basis and of course, complete our readings for the next class! We also had several leadership building sessions that were woven into the course, in addition to the classroom teachings.”

The Executive LLM is taught by some of the best LLM experts from around the world and is a very small class size, which is ideal to enable students to get the most from the experience. As well as taking the students on day trips – for example to the Delaware Chancery Court or the New York State Supreme Court – the Columbia Law School also organises at least one weekly social event a week for the students.

Describing her overall experience on the Executive LLM at Columbia Law School, Neelu enthuses, “In short, it was one of the best summers of my life! I got to meet and learn with some amazing people from different parts of the world, and share stories over different cuisines and accents!”

Find out more about the Executive LLM at Columbia Law School.

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Conted added on 11th November 2019.

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