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Feb. 9, 2018

Kent Law School welcomes two brothers from Pakistan to study law

Kent Law SchoolKent Law School is delighted to welcome two brothers from Pakistan to study their postgraduate programs in law.

Ahmed and Osama Memon have chosen Kent Law School for several reasons, especially the fact that they were impressed by its reputation and league table rankings. Then for Ahmed it was a done deal once he was awarded a Kent LLM scholarship. Ahmed completed his LLM in International Law at Kent in 2014 and returned the following year to begin his PhD.

Osama began his LLM studies in September 2017, and attributes Ahmed's experience as being key in his decision. He explains, “What finally convinced me was Ahmed's experience and his positive views about Kent's academic tradition, and the quality of research and teaching. Ahmed and I have a very similar background and interests. We went to the same school, and we did the same undergraduate degree, which was the distance learning University of London LLB (Hons). I had a very specific idea about what I wanted from my postgraduate experience, and I felt that Ahmed's experience was very close to what I was looking for.”

Osama has chosen a different LLM pathway to his brother – he’s interested in International Commercial Law, trade law, arbitration and intellectual property – but their studies still share some common ground. Ahmed says, “There are many intersections about our opinions about law and how it operates. The law school's culture of critical thinking in asking questions about what the law is and how it works is a common ground for us. So, we end up asking each other about references on broader themes and topics that we have a shared interest in.”

Ahmed's main interests lie in public international law and historical approaches to international law, and his doctoral thesis is tentatively titled ‘Network Governance and violence: A Critical Third World Approach to International Law History.' He explains, “My project is drawing on a critical, historical approach to re-examine how different forms of violence through transnational institutions are rendered invisible by the orthodox understanding and application of international law.”

Once Osama completes his LLM, he is planning to return to Karachi to work in a corporate law firm, while Ahmed wants to stay in academia.

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Content added on 9th February 2018.

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