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Oct. 1, 2008

Glasgow law faculty explores European political unity

Professor George Pavlakos along with Professors Veitch and Christodoulidis in the School of Law at the University of Glasgow have been awarded €100,000 by the Internationalisation Fund of the University of Antwerp for a research project entitled 'Multi-layered polities and the search for the common good: A constitutional puzzle for the European polis'.

The project aims to contribute a fresh perspective in the debates for political unity in Europe by asking: 'Can we conceptualise a common good for the European polis?'. The project identifies two angles from which to pose the question: (i) how might a common conception of the good appear from the point of view of a single, if multi-layered, entity such as the European polis? and (ii) how might it appear from the point of view of regions, whose regional parliaments are also entrusted to legislate for the common good at a subsidiary level of representation? Spanning both questions is that fundamental quandary for democracy: why would the will of a majority (at the EU level) legitimately bind any minority in the absence of a good that is assumed good for both?

The project will span a period of 3 years and will bring together scholars from constitutional law, EU law and legal theory and philosophy, aiming at a variety of research outcomes: conferences, doctoral research, postgraduate seminars as well as the publication of edited books and journal articles.

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