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Dec. 18, 2007

Queen Mary, University of London provides additional support for its LLM students

To ensure that Queen Mary LLM graduates possess competency and perform to their highest potential in taught courses and researched dissertations, the School of Law has devised a unique and individually tailored programme, to run in parallel to the three taught modules, designed to develop and enhance:

 * research methodology including effective use of legal databases
 * legal argumentation
 * dissertation planning and writing
 * examination study and short essay writing techniques
 * oral advocacy and public speaking strategies, including the art of the moot
 * the discourses of negotiation
 * writing of legal office letters, e-mail and memoranda.

The programme will not only focus on discourse in law, but will also sustain the appropriate psychological and emotional atmosphere for students to flourish in.

Students will be personally advised on the choice of the QMLT & WP courses most appropriate to their ambitions and the timetable constraints.

The programme will operate through each of the three terms at Queen Mary, working closely with the students at the various stages of the LLM.

In addition, the School of Law offers in-house performance measuring of legal language abilities by enabling students to take the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC), a new international standard of legal oral and writing performance that is delivered by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES). ILEC is a high-level legal language qualification for lawyers and law students set at levels B2 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is a valuable qualification for students to add to their CV.

For further information, visit the School of Law website

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