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Oct. 20, 2009

Surge in popularity of the Sydney LLM

The LLM programme coordinator at the University of Sydney Law School has announced that there has been a noticeable uptake in students for the Sydney LLM - this coursework degree is becoming more popular and increasingly more likely to be held by practising lawyers.

The coordinator - Dr Arlie Loughnan - says, ‘The way it’s being recognised by the profession generally is that in order to differentiate yourself from your colleagues, you now need to seek to do something over and above the minimum requirements. Obviously [an LLM] is not a requirement, but I think it’s going more and more in that direction for some students.’

Dr Loughnan suggests three reasons why already qualified lawyers to go on to do an LLM. Firstly, she explains, ‘A specialist LLM is another recognition of specialist knowledge and externally tested recognition of that knowledge.’ The second reason is for those students wishing to move from one area to another to gain academic exposure and place themselves in a more competitive position for when applying for jobs. Thirdly, Dr Loughnan thinks that lawyers might undertake an LLM to top up their undergraduate degree.

Content added on 20th October 2009.

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