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Oct. 6, 2009

Swedish university launches new law course

This year the School of Economics and Management at Lund University in Sweden is launching a new masters programme - European and International Tax Law. This is the first time the opportunity to study this subject at this level has been available in Scandanavia.

The MSc is designed to meet the demands of the market for cutting-edge knowledge on multi-jurisdictional tax issues, and it will provide students with an opportunity to study European and international tax issues both from a direct and from an indirect tax perspective in a dynamic setting with students from around the world.

It is a full time course split into two semesters - each semester is to be further divided into two parts. The first part of the first semester focuses on the functioning of direct and indirect taxes, and they will be assessed in a comparative perspective. This part focuses on the relation between taxation and economics and public finance respectively, comparative tax issues, sources of EC law and an introduction to international tax law. The second part of the semester deals with subjects such as the methods of interpretation of community law, the internal market and taxes, customs union and indirect taxes, access to the fundamental freedoms in the EC Treaty and judicial remedies.

The students will be able to elect to specialise in their second semester, in either direct or indirect taxation. The course on direct taxation will deal with both positive and negative integration, and individual and corporate taxation. The course on indirect taxation focuses on the European VAT system, the harmonised system for excises and customs treatment in the EU.

The course will prepare the students for jobs as tax administrators, tax consultants and tax policy-makers. It may also be beneficial for judges dealing with tax law issues and it also serves as a good preparation for PhD studies in European and International Taxation.

Lund University master programmes are open for application from the 1st December 2009 - 15th January 2010.  For more information on this course click here.

Visit Lund University's website for more information on what courses are available.

Content added on the 6th October 2009.

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