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Life In Canada As An LLM Student

Life in CanadaLife in Canada is diverse and lifestyles vary across the country. This means that moving away from home and to a new city in Canada can feel just as different for a Canadian student as it would do for an international student coming to Canada for the first time to study and live.

Here we give you a few guidelines to prepare you for life in Canada as an LLM student.

Life in CanadaBe prepared

Do some research before you leave and find out if there is an existing committee of students or residents who share a similar background to you. Have a look at the resources your law school has for new home students or if relevant international students. You'll find that there will be plenty of social events and activities across the year, especially in the early weeks, which will enable you to make friends easily. Remember, life away from home for the first time is a valuable learning experience, so try to enjoy it. 

Life in CanadaReady for arrivals 

Check out what you need to bring with you to your new home and specifically what items you are allowed to bring into Canada before you head off, to save yourself a headache on arrival. Double check your Canada Student Visa and make sure you know exactly which documents you will need to present at Canadian Border Control. That way you'll arrive calm, ready to meet new people and start settling in

Life in CanadaCanadian culture 

Canada has a huge immigrant population of around 20%, so this means that life in the cities is diverse and a true mixing of cultures. The large cities of Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver are all exciting centres of international festivals and celebrations, so there is plenty to do when you're not studying. Canadians often holiday outside of the cities in large parks and enjoy popular activities like camping, hiking and canoeing. In the areas outside of the big cities, there are large areas of sparsely populated land with small rural farming communities. To the north of Canada, there is an area known as Nunavut, which has been home to the native Inuit people for over 4,000 years. To the east is Quebec, which is the French-speaking part of Canada and this part of Canada can often feel more like France than North America. To the far east is Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, which is where many Scottish and Irish immigrants settled and these parts of Canada can sometimes feel a lot like Scotland and Ireland, especially when socialising in the pubs. 

Life in CanadaClimate change 

Canada is a huge country and the climate varies massively across the country. In the south west of Canada is British Columbia and this is a popular place for people to live, as the climate is generally not as harsh or cold as much of the rest of Canada. The temperature in the winter tends to keep above freezing and during the summer the temperature is usually around 20C. The most populated region of Canada, along with the border with the US, the summer temperatures can reach 35C and temperatures can regularly go down as low as -25C during the winter. Check with your law school for the local conditions and be financially prepared to buy appropriate clothing when you get to Canada, rather than trying to guess what would be best. 

Life in CanadaDual language 

Canada has dual official languages of French and English, and this is one of the most striking things about living in Canada. All advertisements, packaging and information are printed in both languages, and unless you have lived in a country with more than one official language before you won't be expecting it. It's a great opportunity to become fully fluent in French or English if you are not already!

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