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LLM Students In Canada

LLM Students in CanadaThere is a good ratio of domestic to international students in Canada. In fact, the Canadian government has
stated that they wish to encourage international students to study in Canada, which has lead to an increase in the number of international students opting for Canada for their studies. For postgraduate students gaining an LLM in Canada is a brilliant way to add an international dimension to their careers. 

LLM students in CanadaWhy choose Canada? 

There are a number of reasons to choose to study your LLM in Canada. To begin with, Canada encourages international students, so you can be sure of a warm welcome, which is often the cause of worry for international students. The legal system in Canada is a combination of Common and Civil Law, so students can choose to specialise their LLM in either system. This choice means that many students will also be able to use their qualifications when they return home. 

LLM students in CanadaFantastic facilities 

Due to the expansive geographic nature of Canada, most universities are substantial as they are offering educational service to a large area both in geographic terms and in population. This means that most Canadian universities have excellent facilities including large sporting facilities, which is great for your down time. Many law schools in Canada have been operating for over a hundred years and this means that they often also have extremely well stocked law libraries, for example McGill University Faculty of Law was established in 1848. This can be very useful when you’re working on your thesis

Student Law OrganisationStudent law organisations 

Every law school in Canada has a Student Legal Society or Association, for example the University of Western Ontario. These organisations are in place to ensure that all of the students attending the law school have an advocate and can act as a liaison between the law school and the students. Some law schools also have many more legal societies or associations in many diverse groups or interest areas, like the University of Toronto. These can be groups interested in certain areas of the law or students organising social occasions, and one of these groups is a great way to settle in to your new life in Canada. Undergraduate students often dominate these societies, so you may find your law school may have a separate organisation for postgraduate students. 

LLM students in CanadaPro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) 

The Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) is a national law student organisation that has chapters in 22 of the 23 law schools in Canada. The PBSC has over 1,600 student members across Canada, all aiming to learn practical legal skills, offer excellent free legal advice to non-profit organisations and low-income individuals, and to promote the culture of offering pro bono work within the legal profession. Founded in 1996 at the University of Toronto, the PBSC has become an integral part of legal education in Canada often giving students their first taste of legal practice. 

LLM students in CanadaInternational student community 

Some provinces in Canada are more popular for international students than others, with Ontario being the most popular and the choice of 48% of international students. However, every province does have some international students attending universities and law schools. The University of Toronto is a major draw for international students in every subject. This is due to both the Canadian government's decision to try and attract more international students as well as the global reputation of the University of Toronto. The city of Toronto is also a draw for international students because of its global cosmopolitan feel and diverse international communities. 

LLM students in CanadaSubject areas 

Law schools in Canada has a huge range of specialist subject areas to concentrate on, in part because the universities will often be serving such a large area. Subject areas that LLM students can choose to focus on include Civil Law or Common Law, Tax Law, International Human Rights, Natural Resource Law, and Environment and Energy Law. 

University students in Canada

Here are the figures for the number of international and domestic students in Canada from 2011-2014*.

Students in Canada

*SOURCES: 1 & 2

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